Belagavi shivers at 10°c degrees Celsius on Wednesday
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Belagavi shivers at 10°c degrees Celsius on Wednesday

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Belagavi recorded lowest minimum temperature of 10°C on Wednesday (12 January) at 6.00 am. Which was the coldest in the state.

According to the IMD, the maximum temperature recorded as of 6.00 am on Wednesday, the maximum temperature recorded in Belagavi city was 27°C, while the minimum temperature recorded was 10°C. Near the Belagavi Airport, which lies 10km distance from the city, recorded maximum and minimum temperatures of 10°C and 27°C respectively.

This chilly weather is expected to continue on January 13, Wednesday too, as the IMD has predicted the temperature to remain around 10ºC. Belagavi will see a generally cloudy sky. The maximum and minimum temperatures are very likely to be around 28 and 10 degree Celsius respectively.

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