Belagavi Covid19 Press Brief : Cases, Oxygen, Remdesivir Availablity, Vaccination, Mortality Rate (17 March to 23 May)
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Belagavi Covid19 Press Brief : Cases, Oxygen, Remdesivir Availablity, Vaccination, Mortality Rate (17 March to 23 May)

Press brief by Belagavi DC MG Hiremath (17/03/2021 – 23/05/2021) regarding Covid19 in the district :

Covid’s death in the last ten days in the district has gone up by 0.42 per cent and the positivity is 33.56 per cent, said District Collector MG Hiremath.

“At present, there are 17,449 active cases across the district, of which 14,686 are being treated at home isolation,” he said.

Oxygen Supply: Oxygen is being provided to hospitals in an adequate manner in the district. Previously, the district had a total of 15 KL supply. Now it has been increased to 22KL by the government.

5 KL from 3 local organizations locally preparing and supplied to hospitals regularly.

Establishment of Kovid-19 War Room and Care Center:

Addition 19 Covid care centers have been opened in all the taluks in the district. A total of 319 people are being treated at Kovid Care Centers.

A total of 1,077 beds are available in the hostel, pilgrim residence and college
There are 320 beds available at the government’s community health centers.

Supply of Vaccine by Central and State Government:

The district has a target of 38,81,117 for vaccination. Of this, 7,42,479 people have been vaccinated so far.

5,58,035 people received the first dose. 1,84,444 received Second dose. The people yet to receive the first dose is 31,41,015, 1,33,404 people need to get a second dose.

670 vials from the center and 3,740 vials of Covaxin from the state and a total supply of 4,410 viol vaccines so far.

Similarly, 8,310 vials from the center and 15,490 vials of Covishield from the state were supplied, A total of 23,800 vials of Covishield were supplied so far.

From the target of 22,95,517 persons aged 18 to 44, out of which 5,075 have been given the vaccine, has been launched on May 11.

Supply of Remedies for Government and Private Hospitals: Total of 23,283 Remdesivir were supplied to all government hospitals between 1st to 23rd May. Of which a total of 19,531 vials have been provided to government hospitals so far. There are currently 3,752 vials available at the District Warehouse.

Similarly, all private hospitals have been provided with 16,881 remedial vials supplied between 1st May to 23rd May.

When a hospital registers for Remdesivir through the web site, they are supplied directly to the respective hospitals.

Distributing adequately according to the Remedicivir allocation. Not everyone needs Remedicivir; He said that it would be given only on the advice of doctors.

Statistical Information on Kovid-19:

MG Hiremath, District Collector, who gave the statistical information on Covid-19, said that a total of 2,05,154 throat samples were collected in the district from May 17 to May 24. So far Of the 30,022 people, the infection was positive.

12,346 people recovered and discharged. There are 17,449 active cases.
The total number patients in home isolation is 14,686, while the number of Covid patients at Hospital is 319.

Less Covid Mortality Rate in District:

87 people died due to Covid. Also, the positive case percentage (Positivity Rate) is 33.56% from last 10 days.

Percentage of those who were recovered is 68.67%, The death rate is 0.42% (from the last 10 days), 68.67%, he said.

There are 4,146 beds available in government and private hospitals for treatment in whichbTotal of 2,357 patients are being treated, District Collector MG Hiremath said in a statement.

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