Belagavi City corporation started installing Delhi-Style traffic sign boards on high density roads

Belagavi City Corporation has started installing Delhi-style traffic signboards on high density roads in city. The new sign boards are blue in color with white text on it.

Currently, The Belagavi City Corporation (BCC) has installed new Blue Sign boards near Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna Circle and Rani Chennamma Circle which are bigger and clearer traffic signage boards to guide commuters and first-time visitors.

The boards are modelled on Delhi signboards, among the best and most effective in the country. The new sign boards are blue in color and has White text on it and are made to international standard by using steel. English and Kannada fonts have been used on the board and are reflectors.

As per the sources, Such Direction Sign boards with greater visibility will soon be installed across the high density roads in the city to eliminate traffic chaos. Commuters tend to get confused because of lack of proper directions. For first-time visitors, this move will help them find their destinations.

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