Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Belagavi City Corp. using Gravel to fix potholes

The pathetic condition of Kanabargi Road after Civic body laying gravel

The Belagavi Mahanagar Palike (BMP) has been filling potholes in a haphazard manner in various parts of the city. The North MLA Anil Benake and South MLA Abhay Patil has asked the civic body to rid the city of all potholes which are posing danger to Motorists.

In Kanabargi Road near M Square mall, the Palike seems to have simply dumped gravel into craters big and small, instead of filling them properly.


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While the BMP has started fixing potholes, they are only doing so partially and in a few areas. Due to heavy rains, most city roads are riddled with potholes. Despite large-scale pothole filling works undertaken by the civic body, the roads continue to be in a shambles raising a question mark over the quality of these works.

Fixing potholes with Gravel in Kanabargi road

Last week, they filled potholes in Kanabargi Road which connects Sidnal cross using gravel instead of Hot mix, all of which got washed away due to vehicular movement.

What traffic experts say ?

Traffic expert says, “Belagavi roads are punctuated with potholes. In Belagavi, most of the roads are constructed using poor quality materials. This results in cracks in the road and when rain water seeps in, it leads to potholes or craters on the road. Then, the problem is further exacerbated because the potholes are filled in an unscientific manner by just laying Gravel which results in them expanding. the authorities do not monitor how potholes are filled and this leads to them appearing again and again. however under Smart city many roads turning concrete so pothole issue reduces in coming days.”

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