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Belagavi Airport ranked 17th in Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020

In an all India survey of Airport Authority of India, Belagavi airport has obtained 17th position. The customer satisfaction survey was conducted from July to December 2020. Belagavi airport is one among the top 20 Airports in the nation.

City airport had obtained 12th position in the last survey (July 2019 to December 2019) where 47 Airports were included. This time, 9 more airports were included in the survey with a Total 57 Airports, which receive up to 15 lakh passengers annually. Belagavi airport received 4.61 out of 5 marks. Belagavi beat Bhopal, Rajkot, Prayagraj, Jaisalmer airports.

Belagavi airport has slipped from rank number but scored better than 2019. Last time, it was given 4.59 points out of 5 on the basis of a survey conducted from July 19 to December 19 and now, it has got 4.61 out of 5 points. So, it is not a devaluation but incease in the facilities by 0.02 points.

Customer satisfaction survey is an effective tool to inquire what customers really need and expect. Therefore, measuring the level of customer satisfaction on terminal facilities happens to be objective for this survey. Different methods are used to evaluate customer satisfaction on service which is offered to client.

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RankAirportJuly 20-Dec 20July 19-Dec 19Difference Year

Customer service

* Customer service is playing a larger role in the management of airports

* It is a core value for airports

* Understanding and meeting customer needs and expectations are the key to operating and managing an airport successfully

Air travel is challenging

* Nowadays, air travel can be challenging for passengers

* From parking vehicles and checking bags to clearing security, customers want a seamless travel experience

* Airports are working hard to improve these facilities and bring convenience to travellers

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