Belagavi Airport had passengers footfall of 39,063 in January 2021, Not 30,946 | Mistake by Belagavi airport team

As per the data, this January had increase of 5439 passengers as compared to January 2020, along with the increase in the number of flight movements of about 100 plus from Belagavi.

In January 2021, at least 39,063 passengers took flights from Belagavi airport while this number stood at 33,624 in January 2020. Due to the drastic increase in the number of flights and passengers, the overall number of passengers at Belagavi airport has also gone up.

Wrong data by Belagavi Airport officials :

Airport authority of India released January 2021 data of all airports in the mid of February 2021, However as per that data chart, The Belagavi airport data was wrongly updated and shown decline in passenger traffic instead of rise. Noticing the decline in traffic data though the number of flights movement & new routes were added in the month of January, Some twitter users have raised doubt on the released data through their tweets. Responding to the concern, Belagavi Airport Director had assured of double check of data from their sources, After few days Airport Director tweeted as – due to miscalculation, data was wrongly updated and has been corrected and the total passengers travelled is 36,613, not 30946. with aircraft movement of 773.

Huge difference between AAI & DGCA data :

Due to mistake of Belagavi airport official’s, the data released by Airport Authority of India in their website shows Belagavi airport had passenger footfall of 30,946 in the month of January 2021, But as per The Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the huge difference of 8,117 has come to light. 39,063 is the correct data of passengers travelled in the month of January 2021 from to Belagavi Airport.

City Pair Details :

Belagavi – Hyderabad12,750
Belagavi – Bengaluru8,886
Belagavi – Mumbai 5,270
Belagavi – Kadapa3,051
Belagavi – Mysuru2,238
Belagavi – Tirupati1,586
Belagavi – Ahmedabad1,535
Belagavi – Pune 1,454
Belagavi – Indore1,003
Belagavi – Surat795
Belagavi – Chennai340
Belagavi – Nashik155
In the above table, Bottom-4 routes load is less due to less operations in January month : Belagavi – Nashik operated 3 Days, Belagavi – Chennai operated before 5 days, Belagavi – Surat operated for 13 Days, Belagavi – Indore operated for 12 days.

Cargo Movement :

Belagavi – Mumbai8.4
Belagavi – Bengaluru0.9

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