Belagavi Airport : Domestic air passenger traffic reaches 78% of pre-Covid levels

Domestic passenger traffic of Belagavi Airport has reached 78% of pre-coronavirus pandemic level operations with the number of air travellers crossing over 26,183 in October, a Airport Authority of India released on Friday.

When flights resumed after a hiatus of two months due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there were only 439 air passengers on the first seven days (May 25 -May 31) but the number reached over 26,183 a month in October and Estimated More than 1000 passengers travelling daily From To Belagavi Airport.

Air traffic of October 2020 when compared with January 2020, has reached 78% where in January Aircraft movement was 666 and Passenger Movement was 33,624

As per data released by Airport Authority Of India, Total of 26,183 passengers travelled in the month of October 2020 with 634 Aircraft movement.

With this data Belagavi Airport emerges as Third busiest Airport in terms of Passenger movement after Bengaluru and Mangaluru Int’l Airports & Second busiest interms of Aircraft Movement in Karnataka after Bengaluru Int’l Airport

As per Airport Director Shri Rajesh Kumar Mourya, Passenger Footfall from May 25 till November 20, 2020 has reached over One Lakh thirteen thousand Passengers (1.13 Lakhs) in 177 days. Airport Director expressed happiness with tweet

So it is Expected that by next month Belagavi Airport to reach 100% of Pre-Covid level.

As of now Belagavi is connected to 9 Indian cities via Air – Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Indore, Kadapa, Mysuru, Mumbai, Pune, Tirupati

And Connected to Chennai via Mysuru. Next month it is expected to get new Routes such as Surat and Nashik by Star air

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