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Anjali Nimbalkar meets Nitin Gadkari – Requests to Repair the NH-748 between Belagavi-Goa

Anjali Nimbalkar, Mla from Khanapur on Tuesday met Minister of Road transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari in Delhi office.

She met Minister to submit the request letter and discuss regarding the pathetic condition of NH748 (Old NH4A) near Khanapur taluk which is causing inconvenience for the people here.

In a letter, Mla has mentioned – ‘I would like to bring your serious attention towards the pathetic condition of National Highway 748 from Belagavi to Goa. Fifty two kilometres of road passes through my constituency Khanapur in Karnataka and the widening work is undertaken by NHAI for the same for years now.’

‘The road from Khanapur to Ramnagar in particular is in very bad condition and the contractor has not even bothered to make a service road for emergent medical services to be attended during the ongoing pandemic days. The abject neglect by Central Government, NHAI and other responsible agencies have thrown the daily life people from surrounding nearly forty villages to the toss with no one to care for them. Central Government & the State Government have miserably failed to provide effective solution to the woos and issues faced by the farmers, patients, pregnant women in particular and people in general from my constituency. I have already flagged the issue by writing letters to Deputy Commissioner, Belagavi, Supdt of Police, Belagavi and Project Director, NHAI Dharwad, Karnataka but the insensitive bureaucracy working under non responsive central and state governments is of no help to my people.’

‘Finally I have decided to bring the issue to your personal knowledge directly so that you may instruct the concerned for immediate repairs of the road and make the life of people liveable which is their fundamental right. With south west monsoon setting in and my constituency being one of the highest rain fall areas of India; the life of people with such man made disaster; you may hopefully understand and do the needful’ Mla mentioned in the letter.

Improvements to omitted part of Belagavi-Panaji National Highway (NH-748) at Khanapur Town limits.

Related to Above subject, As the NH-748 Belagavi-Panaji National Highway Road Expansion work is under progress. The road had previously passed through the Khanapur Town. But currently, the road is taking diversion out of Khanapur town limits as bypass.

Further, she mentioned that, heard the Road of Khanapur town limits omitted from NH-748 Belagavi-Panaji National Highway by constructing bypass road is being handed over to Public works Department, Karnataka. But the condition of omitted part of the road is very bad. So, Kindly look into the matter & Develop the following things before handing it over to the concerned Department.

1. Improvements to the omitted part of NH-748 Belagavi-Panaji National Highway Road Khanapur bypass starting point (maratha Mandal PUC College) to bypass ending point (Goa cross) CC Road and lectrification CC road with divider and electrification with Street lights.

2. Construction of Drains on both sides of the road and footpath.

3. Installation of Street lights through out the khanapur town limits. 4. Reconstruction of bridge across the Malaprabha river in Khanapur

Minister immediately instructed the concerned authorities to include Khanapur town road for cement road.

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