AKP Ferrocast installed 570 KW capacity rooftop solar power plant in Belagavi

AKP Group was first established in 1978 and focuses its activities on Foundry, CNC machining, and trading in the raw material. AKP Ferrocast was formed in 2008 to respond to the increasing customer demand for fully machined castings produced in higher weight ranges. Because of this huge requirement on speed and diverse requirements on the ductile and gray iron casting process, AKP Ferrocast was able to become the one-stop-shop for meeting all of the customer’s demands

AKP Ferrocast installed 570 KW capacity rooftop solar power plant at Belagavi, Karnataka using 1500 of 380 kWp Monocrystalline PV modules by Adani. 4 nos of 100 kW and 1 no of 50 kW Sungrow inverters complete the technical setup for the solar power plant. The facility is also installed with online monitoring which will help to monitor the real-time electricity production and remote maintenance of the plant.

The company has opted Capex model and the solar power plant was commissioned on 7th July 2020. AKP Ferrocast commitment towards reducing the green gas emission and the willingness to adopt renewable energy show their social initiative in becoming sustainable.

AKP Ferrocast, UdyamBag, Belagavi

The solar power plant generation is approximately 8, 20,000 units per annum offsetting the facility’s total energy consumption. The solar power plant installation has resulted in a reduction of CO2 footprint significantly.

India is the world’s 2nd largest casting producer with more than 6,000 foundries. With such large energy consumption, many foundries are increasingly looking for alternative energy sources to provide electricity.

Source : usolar.in

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