Advanced X-Ray Scanner installed at Belagavi Airport

Technical Staff at Belagavi Airport operating scanner

In an attempt to ensure effective detection of contraband concealed in the baggage of passengers and fool-proof security amid the growing threats, advanced X-ray scanners have been installed at Belagavi Airport.

Nuctech™, a pioneer in artificial intelligence and machine learning-based surveillance, has installed CX100100DB – dual-view X-ray scanner for scanning of registered baggage at the airport.

The traditional baggage scanners work on X-ray attenuation technology. The detection of objects which pose a threat relies on how various objects attenuate the X-ray beams passing through them. Of late, this capability has been enhanced by the use of dual-energy and view X-ray scanners.

The dual-view technology produces two screening perspectives that enhance the operator’s ability to identify potential security threats with increased accuracy and speed. CX100100 DB is an advanced multi-energy X-ray baggage scanner which is designed and developed by the Nuctech™.

It uses dual-view technology for generating horizontal and vertical views of the object under inspection. A system provides multi-dimensional views of the scanned object, helping enhanced detection of the objects.

The NUCTECH™ CX100100D X-ray Inspection System is a new generation dual view dual-energy X-ray inspection machine for inspecting large luggage, baggage and small cargo. It uses a dual view design and images of each view are displayed on a dedicated monitor. Dangerous objects and contraband hidden beneath overlapping areas are more easily found and located. It stands out from others on the market with a more modern and ergonomic design for efficient and professional X-ray screening. With tunnel dimensions of 1010mm width and 1005mm height, it is perfect for baggage inspection at airports, railway stations, Customs, ports and stadiums, etc.

The CX100100D combined with unsurpassed operation ergonomics, reliability and safety can provide excellent image quality and advanced material classification. There are also explosive and drug auto detection options.

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