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28 More Villages to come under BUDA jurisdiction

Belagavi city North Urban area

28 Villages surrounding Belagavi City to come under BUDA as state government is considering a proposal to expand the jurisdiction.

BUDA, one of the biggest city development authorities in the state, has a spread of over 192 square kilometres. It stretches from villages like Kakati and Kangrali on one side and Savgaon, Mandolli and Peeranwadi on the other side.

The jurisdiction of the BUDA will be extended to Sambra on one side, Yallur, Navage, Kallehol and Kadoli on another side.

Proposal have been already submitted to government to add above mentioned villages to Belagavi UDA limits.

The government has already proposed to add new villages. The Commissioner of the Authority, Preetam Nasalapure, told Prajawani that further measures will be taken after the approval is approved.

CDP Revision :

CDP that was Prepared in 2014

As the city grows, the government has taken steps to revise the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP). The CDP was made in 2014 which is old. The government has already given contract to Delhi-based private company to prepare the new CDP. The deadline for filing is March 2021. Infrastructure such as office space for that company will be provided by the authority. They will also be forced to stick to the state government’s regulations about creating new layouts and residential and commercial complexes.

Mapping will be based on the GIS (Geographic Information System) under AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation) project. CDP will be planned considering the infrastructure needed to address the city’s growth over the next 15 to 20 years.

Accurate mapping : ‘Based on advanced technology GIS, accurate maps are obtained. This will facilitate further development projects. For example, Where to set up industries, where to have a Ring road will be included in the CDP.

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