126 Acres land sanctioned for Rani Chennamma University

Rani Chennamma University at Bhutaramanahatti

The state government on Monday issued an official order granting a 126-acre and 27-ghunta land to Rani Channamma University.

Sankanaykanakoppa village in HireBagwadi – 20km from Belagavi City, Sy no. 421/2, 423, 426, 427, 429, 431 and in Halagamardi village Sy No. 48, and 49 land has been issued under Land Revenue Rules.

50 per cent of the market rate and other fees as per the regulatory has been sanctioned to the Chancellor of the University, the Revenue Department’s Undersecretary of Education, M.E. Channabasavaraj issued the order.

These are public lands earmarked for public purpose. As the university has no land of its own and has no buildings to start professional and skill courses, the land is needed. District commissioner M G Hiremath had proposed to the government. The approval was also given at the recent Cabinet meeting.

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